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Payment, Refund and cancellation policy

Blue Tech Support Systems India LLP,maintains and owns this website and we take full care in giving our best services to the customers on our website and we make our efforts to constantly reach to customer satisfaction level by enhancing our business and legal services online.


All the payments for availing all or any of the services on the website shall be paid up front on the website and the customer’s payment shall be secured with us until the time the service is not been delivered to the customer.


In case any customer wants refund on any of the services then customer can email us on and or can contact us on the information provided in our Contact Us Tab. We will get back to the customer within 48 hours from the time of the refund request.

Customers are requested to keep their transaction ids with themselves for the proper processing of their refund requests. All the refund requests shall be made within 15 days from the date of the purchase of the services on our website and shall be initiating the refunds within 15 business days from the date the refund is approved provided that all the relevant reasons for initiating the refund are satisfied by us.

Customer must understand, when a payment refund is requested by the customer, then we would not be able to refund the cost incurred by our man power for delivering the services to the customer and also the government fees in actuals (For Example: Trademark Filing Fee or Patent Filing Fee) paid to deliver the service to the customer. We will be deducting the manpower cost and the government or any other fees in actuals and shall be returning the rest of the amount to the customer.

In case of any of the unforeseen force majeure circumstance where any technical failureon the website occurs, such as any act of god, earthquake, volcano, tornado, fire, cyclone, hurricane, natural disaster, and the website is unable to operate the services available then we shall not be held liable for any of the unavailability, delay or failure on our part to deliver any of the services on our website and we shall initiate the refunds to the customer within 15 business days if the customer requests for the refund. However, if the customer does not requests for the refund, then we would try to make the services available to the customer as soon as any such circumstance is over and our website resumes to normalcy.

Only in exceptional circumstances the payments rendered by the customers shall be refunded. However, in rest of the cases, we shall contact the customer and will try to reach to a mutual point for settling the payments.


If the customer has paid for any of the services on the website and the services are not rendered to the customer then in such a case, the transaction shall stand canceled and we shall be returning the amount back to the customer within 15 Business days.

For the proper usage of this website, please go through our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

In case of any queries related to our payment, refund and cancellation policy write to us or Contact us.We will get back to you shortly.

-Published on: 12-Dec-2017